Braces and clear aligners for older women

You Can, and Should, Get Braces at Any Age

If you didn’t get braces when you were a teenager or a kid, you haven’t missed your window of opportunity to get a straight smile. While getting orthodontic treatment makes most sense during the teenage years, you can still get a straight smile by getting braces or Invisalign even as an adult. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why people of all ages should consider getting braces. 

Your Smile Matters

Adult life gets busy pretty quickly, so it can be easy to put some of your needs and wants on the back burner. However, you shouldn’t ignore your smile simply because you never got around to getting braces when you were younger. Any age is the perfect time to get a straight smile and enjoy more self-confidence. 

Your smile is often the first impression many people have of you, so investing in your smile is important, even as an adult. Whether it’s to give you more confidence in the workplace, when socializing with friends, or to simply look better for you, there’s no bad reason to choose to improve your smile as an adult. 

Teeth Can Shift Later in Life

Your body is always changing, and your teeth are no different. Perhaps you already got braces when you were younger. Your teeth could have shifted since then to become crooked again, especially if you stopped wearing a retainer at some point. Getting orthodontic treatment will help you get your teeth back on track, giving you a beautiful, healthy smile. 

Treatment Options Are Better Than Ever

Though it’s typically a good idea to get orthodontic treatment when you’re a teenager, the fact that orthodontics is more advanced than ever works in your favor today. Even traditional silver braces are made to be more subtle and comfortable while still being just as effective. You can also choose less visible options to get straight teeth, such as ceramic braces or champagne-colored braces. 

Of course, you can also see if you qualify for Invisalign. This invisible orthodontic treatment system uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal brackets and wires to move your teeth to their correct positions. Plus, you won’t have to worry about food restrictions with this treatment option since the aligners are removable. 

Invisalign has also advanced to treat a wider range of orthodontic problems with the use of Invisalign attachments. So even if you have bad crowding and some degree of malocclusion, you can still get treatment with Invisalign. If you already had braces but your teeth have since shifted back toward their original positions, you can choose accelerated versions of Invisalign, such as Invisalign Lite or Invisalign Express. 

Get a Healthier Smile

Having a better looking smile is far from being the only reasons to straighten your teeth. When you get orthodontic treatment, you’ll avoid tooth decay and cavities since your teeth will be easier to clean. Plus, fixing bite problems and straightening teeth reduces wear as well. 

If you want to learn more about how orthodontic treatment helps your overall oral health and to find the treatment option that is right for you, contact The Smile Store today and schedule a free consultation.