Clear aligners and clear retainers for women

Why More Women Than Ever Are Getting Aligners or Braces

Nothing is more unstoppable than a man or woman with confidence. More women than ever are making the decision to increase their confidence by improving their smile with braces or clear aligners. Here’s why more women are opting to straighten their teeth with orthodontic treatment, and why you should give it some serious thought.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Many women who never got orthodontic treatment when they were younger are now realizing there’s plenty to gain from getting orthodontic treatment as an adult beyond cosmetic reasons. Getting straight teeth means fewer cavities and a lower risk of gum disease. This is because it’s easier to clean teeth all the way when they’re straight and it’s harder for food particles and bacteria to get trapped in between them.

Plus, there’s the advantage of being able to bite down more comfortably if issues like overbites and underbites are addressed. Overall, your teeth will feel as good as they look after orthodontic treatment.

More Confidence to Smile

You shouldn’t ever feel like you need to smile for anyone else, but far too often, women feel hesitant to show their teeth, even when laughing with their closest friends.

During important moments in life, such as making a good impression at a life-changing interview or your wedding day, you’ll want to smile with confidence. While you should never be ashamed of your smile, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to use braces or clear aligners to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

More Options Than Ever

Getting orthodontic treatment is far more convenient and accessible than ever, thanks to advances in orthodontic technology. Even conventional braces are sleeker and more comfortable, and you can choose stylish colors that you’ll have fun showing off while your teeth are getting straightened.

There’s also the Candid Clear Aligner System, which is a great option for adults wanting to maintain a professional image while they improve their smiles. If you weren’t able to get Invisalign earlier in life, you also now could qualify for the treatment thanks to the advancements made in clear aligner treatment over the last decade.

You can also check out the abbreviated version of aligner treatment, 3-Month Candid. This option is great if you need only minor corrections or if you didn’t wear a retainer after your first time with orthodontic treatment and your teeth have shifted slightly.

It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Smile

One of the main reasons women don’t get orthodontic treatment is because they think they missed their window of opportunity earlier in life. However, this simply isn’t the case. It’s never too late to start orthodontic treatment and to get your ideal smile. Between the variety of options available and the ways you’ll benefit from straightening your teeth, there’s no reason not to start improving your smile today.

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