Make your new smile shine with teeth whitening.

You’ve committed to making your smile straighter, so why not make it whiter too? At The Smile Store, teeth whitening is FREE with our Candid clear aligners!

Start clear aligner treatment, get free whitening

When you get clear aligners from The Smile Store, you automatically receive a Philips Zoom take-home whitening kit, which normally retails for $349.

Use it while you’re waiting for your first set of aligners to arrive, and you’ll have a truly amazing smile when your treatment is complete!

Why women prefer candid clear aligners

How does teeth whitening work?


Visit one of our Smile Specialists

While you’re at our office for your exam before starting clear aligner treatment, we’ll fit you for your teeth whitening trays.

clear aligner

Receive your whitening kit by mail

In about three weeks, you will receive your kit, which includes custom-fitted trays, a syringe, and teeth whitening gel.

clean straight teeth

Apply whitening to teeth as instructed

Put whitening gel in the trays and apply to your teeth for 30 to 90 minutes each day. Start seeing results in as little as 3 days!

Candid clear aligners with whitening gel

Teeth whitening products available for purchase

Want to whiten your teeth without orthodontic treatment? We also offer Philips teeth whitening products for sale at The Smile Store.

Zoom Custom Whitening
Zoom Refill Syringes
1 for $20 | 2 for $35
Zoom Refill 3-Pack
Zoom Whitening Pens
1 for $20 | 2 for $35

Teeth Whitening FAQs