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When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Does My Child Need Their Permanent Teeth to See an Orthodontist?

Does my child need to wait until they have all of their permanent teeth to see an orthodontist? Many people believe that your child should have all of his/her permanent teeth in place before visiting the orthodontist. It could be worse than good to wait to see the orthodontist until all permanents have been in. Here’s why:

There’s more to the world than meets your eyes.

A child’s mouth is always changing. Everything is changing, even your jawbone and facial bones. At 6 years of age, permanent molars begin to form. Permanent molars are created to replace baby teeth that have fallen out. The gums cover two-thirds of every tooth, as well as all the bone that holds it in place. Gums can cover up conditions that hinder the development of teeth. Parents should monitor their child’s development of teeth and gums to identify these conditions. Problems in chewing, biting, and speech can all indicate a problem. To promote healthy gum and tooth growth, these indicators must be addressed before a child receives all their permanent teeth.

While some children may wait until they have all their permanent teeth, other children can have their problems with their orthodontics treated while they still have their baby teeth. These children require growth guidance to ensure that permanent teeth can be placed in the right places. You can adjust the timing of your treatment to accommodate predictable stages in physical and dental growth. Once the jaws are aligned, a beautiful smile can be achieved.

The way dentists and orthodontists view the mouth is different. Both dentists and orthodontists work in the mouth, but their views can vary depending on how they treat patients. Dental professionals evaluate and promote healthy oral health. They assess the mouth for signs such as gum disease or cavities and offer advice on home hygiene and diet. They can also check for other conditions or diseases that could affect the mouth. Dentists may use “bitewing” radiography to determine the condition of a particular tooth.

Orthodontic treatment corrects the bite. The alignment of the upper and lower teeth is like interlocking gears. Orthodontists pay attention to the bite of each patient. They use “panoramic radiography” to view all teeth, both above and below, and the jaw at the same time. Orthodontists can identify problems in your bite and offer solutions. The treatment for your child will be customized to suit his/her individual needs.

If your dentist has not referred your child, you don’t have to wait for the referral. Dentists might not prioritize orthodontic evaluations. Referrals for orthodontics are not necessary. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children see an orthodontist no later than 7. You don’t have to wait until your child loses all his/her baby teeth to consult an orthodontist if there is a problem. Many orthodontists offer a free consultation or a very low price for the initial appointment. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s never too early to talk to an orthodontist about the smile that you desire. Does my child need to wait until they have all of their permanent teeth to see an orthodontist?

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