Comparing Invisalign and Braces

comparing braces and Invisalign in Palm Beach FL and Charleston

Up until 1999, braces were the only option for most patients wanting to get straight teeth. Then, the Invisalign Clear Aligner System was introduced. Over the years, this sleek option for orthodontic treatment has become more popular, offering lots of advantages for many patients. However, braces are still a great option for people wanting to…

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How Braces Move Your Teeth

learn how braces move your teeth in Palm Beach FL

Braces can oftentimes seem like a miracle. Your imperfect teeth become perfect after a little time and patience, and it’s all due to these magical wonders. Braces aren’t really magic, it’s all science, but how braces move teeth is incredible. Patients go from having alignment issues, bite problems and other orthodontic issues to having no…

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