4 Questions to Ask at Your First Orthodontic Exam

Here are some questions you should ask at your first visit with an orthodontist in Palm Beach FL

When you visit an orthodontist office for the first time, it’s understandable if you feel a bit nervous or aren’t sure what to expect. Here are some questions to ask during your first orthodontic exam to help you be the most prepared to start treatment. “What’s Your Medical Background?” Some patients may be embarrassed to…

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Show Your Kids’ Teeth Some Love with Braces or Invisalign

Invisalign and braces for kids in Palm Beach FL

February is here, which means it’s the perfect time to show the people around you how much you care. It’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month, which is the perfect opportunity to show some love to your kids’ teeth by promoting their long-term oral health. One of the best ways to promote healthy teeth is…

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What Is Early Orthodontics?

What is early orthodontics, and can it help your child's smile?

You may have heard a parent talk about how their child has just started orthodontic treatment at the age of eight. How can that be? After all, aren’t kids that age a little young to be starting treatment, especially if they still have their baby teeth? Well, not exactly. You see, early orthodontics seeks to…

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