Benefits of candid aligners vs. smiledirect and other options

SmileDirect Vs. Candid Clear Aligners

Which is Better? SmileDirect or Candid Clear Aligners?

SmileDirect vs Candid Clear Aligners | Clear aligners are becoming a popular pick among people seeking orthodontic treatment. The nearly-invisible trays are removable and are an excellent option for straightening your smile. As this metal braces alternative grows in demand, many more brands are popping up on the market. It’s a smart idea to be a conscious consumer and do all the research you can before choosing which clear aligner to go with. The most well-known clear aligner brands are Invisalign, Candid, SmileDirect, and Byte. While they share many of the same characteristics, there are a few major selling points that make some selections rise to the top of the list. Let’s dive into an in-depth comparison of Candid vs. SmileDirect Club to take a better look at the differences that exist.


SmileDirect Club is a heavily-marketed at-home clear aligner brand that boasts quick turnaround times for product delivery and results. The brand gives consumers the option to imprint their own teeth at home and send the impressions to the company or to stop by a Smile Shop location and have their teeth imprinted by a representative. SmileDirect Club seemingly focuses its branding on affordability, easy access, quick turnaround, and an increasingly high number of consumers. While their price points are affordable and the model does provide convenience, the brand doesn’t necessarily focus as much on the quality of care or one-on-one attention with a licensed orthodontist. 

Candid Aligners

Candid is also an at-home clear aligner brand, but the brand aligns itself more with orthodontic professionals and getting the same quality of care a patient could expect in-office. Candid requires its users to get a scan with a CandidPro provider (always a dental professional) for a definitive and accurate result. After the scan is complete, a Candid orthodontist will craft your personalized treatment plan to deliver the customizable results you are looking for. 

Throughout treatment with Candid, a patient’s progress is monitored by a licensed orthodontist remotely simply by using an integrated application. Candid also stands out from competitors in that the aligners are better able to help patients manage more severe issues with their teeth. The brand can assist consumers with crowded teeth, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, and more depending on the severity. Candid seeks to join the specialized care that comes with visiting an orthodontic professional in the traditional sense with the ease and convenience of at-home treatment.

Taking The Next Step

The team at the Smile Store can meet you in a 2-minute virtual consultation to go over what options may best suit your smile. All curious consumers need to do is answer some basic information about the patient’s needs, choose their options, and take five quick teeth selfies. Our professionals will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding which orthodontic treatment options are in line with your needs and deliver an assessment on what they think your problem areas are. 

When searching for the right at-home aligner, there are several things to consider. Are you more interested in affordability or top-of-the-line care? Do you want your treatment to be more DIY or monitored by an orthodontic professional? Taking the time to weigh out your personal pros and cons when it comes to aligners will help you in making the right decision for your smile.

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