Retainers keep your beautiful new smile in top condition.

At The Smile Store, we want to ensure your smile stays straight and healthy for years to come. That’s why we include retainers with every treatment.

What are retainers for?

Candid clear aligners do the hard work of getting your teeth where they should be, but your teeth will want to move back once treatment is complete.

Retainers keep your teeth in place long after you are done with braces or clear aligners.

options for candid clear aligners
Clear aligners for teens

Clear, comfortable, and removable

Our retainers are made from the same high-quality, clear plastic as our aligners, and they are removable for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

No more food restrictions or awkward flossing around permanent retainers!

Candid clear aligners

Replacement retainers

Whether your retainer is lost, damaged, or just worn out, you can get replacement retainers from The Smile Store delivered to your house within 5 days!

Our retainer service also includes a lifetime of annual retainer follow-up visits. Find the nearest Smile Store and get your new retainers today!

Removable Retainer FAQs