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Metal braces are most popular for younger patients. Metal braces are now smaller and flatter than ever, making them more comfortable. Our doctors can help you choose the right treatment for you. Feel free to contact The Smile Store today for more information about our orthodontist near me services.

Be creative with colors

Patients have the option of traditional metal braces with elastics available in a range of colors. Color selection is the best part of an orthodontic appointment. Patients may want to choose colors that represent their favorite sports teams, or any other colors they like. Clear braces come in many styles.

Clear Braces

Braces can make anyone look bad. Patients will feel more confident with clear brackets if they don’t have to worry about metal teeth when they smile.

Clear braces are the same as traditional metal braces, but they are much more popular than those made of metal. According to patients, clear braces look natural and are more comfortable. Patients may feel more confident.

The More Distinctive Solution

While clear braces are still visible, they are easier to conceal for others. Clear braces are discreet and more comfortable than metal braces. They also give patients more self-confidence. Patients can also smile easier with clear braces.

They are more powerful than they appear

Clear braces are often questioned by patients about their ability to perform as well as traditional metal braces. They will! Clear braces are made from a transparent ceramic material that is as strong as traditional metal braces. They can be used as standard braces and can align your teeth with the same force as metal braces.


Invisalign is an innovative and popular clear aligner system for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is transparent and offers an alternative to traditional orthodontics. The best thing about Invisalign is that almost everyone will not even notice that you have them. Invisalign aligners can be seen clearly, but are difficult to see. All of our treatment plans are transparent!

Orthodontic Treatment: The Stealth Approach

People are often afraid of the visible nature of the orthodontic treatment. Many people don’t like the idea that braces will be worn for many years and require frequent visits to the dentist. This barrier is eliminated with Invisalign and treatment is simple!

Undetectable and flexible

You will wear transparent and clear aligners made of custom-made plastic. These aligners are difficult to see, even from a close-up. Patients don’t need to limit the foods they eat. These aligners can be removed. The Smile Store offers Invisalign treatment for patients of all ages. The Smile Store provides top-quality treatment, affordable braces and aligners payments, and the largest range of treatment options in the area, making it easy to choose where to go. Our pricing will make you smile. Clear aligner treatment is not something you should be afraid of. We have pricing that fits any budget. Feel free to contact The Smile Store today for more information about our orthodontist near me services. 561-658-4100

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