Mascot Braces®

You don't have to stop supporting your favorite team as you straighten your smile. With Mascot Braces, you can do both at the same time!


What Are Mascot Braces?

You love to support your favorite sports team, so why not represent them with your smile? Mascot Braces by WildSmiles® offers a fun, unique orthodontic treatment, with each bracket coming in the shape of your team's mascot. On the Mascot Braces website, you can choose from over a dozen college teams logos to show off with your braces.

Just like WildSmiles, Mascot Braces are composed of medical-grade steel, ensuring you'll receive the same comprehensive treatment as you would with traditional silver or gold braces.


Why Mascot Braces?

Not only will you be showing off your dedication to your favorite team on your teeth, you'll be working toward a healthier, happier smile.

Should you decide to get Mascot Braces, you will receive the same high-quality care as you would with any other orthodontic treatment.

Adding your team spirit to your smile will certainly enhance your treatment experience. If you're your team's number one fan, you can learn more about Mascot Braces by scheduling a free initial exam with The Smile Store.

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