Candid teeth clear aligners

Is Candid Teen the Best Choice For Teenagers?

When your preteen or teen is ready to start orthodontic treatment and start the process of getting their ideal smile, there are more exciting options to look into than ever before. By now, you’ve probably heard about clear aligners and have a basic idea of how they work. Luckily, there’s a version specifically made for teenagers called Candid Teen. Choosing Candid Teen is a great way to make the process of straightening teeth easier for everyone.

Why Choose Candid Teen?

So what is it about Candid Teen that makes it beneficial for teenagers?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing clear aligners over other forms of orthodontic treatment is the aligners are easily removable. When mealtime comes around, you can just take your them out of your mouth and store them in your case while you enjoy your favorite foods. This gets rid of the need for food restrictions, which is something people with braces have to deal with.

Another big advantage is the remote monitoring that comes standard with Candid. Patients who use this clear aligner system instead of Invisalign only need to go to the orthodontist once at the beginning of treatment. A thorough exam is given, including 3D imaging and x-rays, before the treatment plan is created. After that, patients can have all of their aligners shipped directly to the their home, and the all of their follow-up appointments are done remotely using the Candid monitoring device and their smartphone. This is very convenient for busy teens and their families.

Clear Aligners for Teens vs. Braces

Braces are still a fantastic option for teens who want to get a straight smile, but there are some clear advantages to choosing aligners for patients that qualify for the treatment. The most obvious is the social benefit of not having visible braces—aligners can only be seen if you look very closely.

You and your teen will also be happy about not having to worry about not eating certain foods. Since the aligners are taken out for meals, your teen will be able to eat their favorite foods during treatment. The smooth texture of the plastic aligners also makes them more comfortable to wear than conventional braces for some patients. And if your teen plays in band, there won’t be anything getting in the way of their ability to play their wind or brass instrument.

Overall, Candid Teen is a highly effective orthodontic treatment option your teen will have an easy time with. Contact The Smile Store today to learn more about teen treatment options and to schedule a free consultation at our office.