Invisalign Complete

Invisalign Complete combines the power and strength of traditional braces with invisibility, convenience, and confidence.

Perfect your smile with Invisalign in Palm Beach FL

What Is Invisalign Complete?

Out of all of the Invisalign types, Invisalign Complete offers the most extensive, comprehensive treatment. Invisalign Complete can correct mild to moderate crowding issues and even some bite problems, all without the hassle of brackets or wires.

Continue with your lifestyle as you correct your dental issues. Invisalign Complete's clear, plastic aligners are removable and almost completely invisible. This means you can continue to eat your favorite foods, all while discreetly perfecting your smile. And within 7 to 28 months, your treatment will be complete. It's just that easy!

The Cost of Invisalign Complete

Since Invisalign Complete is the most powerful treatment available, it will cost more than Invisalign Lite or Invisalign Express. At The Smile Store, however, we have a set price of only $4995 for Invisalign Complete.

Another benefit of Invisalign Complete is it might also be partially covered by your dental insurance. This can reduce the cost even more. We can help you find out what coverage is available during your free initial exam, just be sure to bring your insurance information to your appointment.

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With 6 ways to get started, your new and improved smile is only a click or call away!

With 4 ways to get started, your new and improved smile is only a click or call away!