Gold Braces

Everyone wants to dazzle with their smile. Luckily for you, with our gold braces, you don't have to wait until after treatment is over to do so.

Stunning gold braces in Palm Beach FL

Going for Gold Braces

Your gold braces treatment begins with a free initial exam with our orthodontists at The Smile Store. During this initial meeting, we will perform x-rays, measurements, and scans of your mouth. This careful examination allows us to design a customized orthodontic treatment plan to address and correct any dental issues you might have.

If you want to get started right away with braces, we are able to put them on during your first appointment. Since gold braces work the same as the more traditional silver ones, there will be no difference in application. Every 8 to 10 weeks, you will visit us here at The Smile Store for follow-up appointments, where we will make sure your gold braces are doing their job and that you're well on your way to the smile of your dreams.

Why Gold Braces?

Patients of all ages go for gold braces for a multitude of reasons. The golden brackets are made of high-quality stainless steel (not actual gold), so they are extremely strong and effective at moving your teeth quickly. And at the Smile Store, they also are the same cost as silver braces—just $3995.

While you're on the journey to a straight and healthy smile, gold braces are a wonderful way to express yourself, and look good while doing it!

We make taking the first step easy!

With 6 ways to get started, your new and improved smile is only a click or call away!

With 4 ways to get started, your new and improved smile is only a click or call away!