Braces for moms

Getting Braces as an Adult? What Mom’s Need to Know

As a mom, you’re used to being an everyday superhero, going from one task to the next and doing your best to put a smile on your kids’ faces. But when was the last time you decided to take care of your own smile? Braces are for adults too. Now is the right time to take care of your smile by straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment.

Why Get Braces as an Adult?

As a parent, you may think you missed your window of opportunity to straighten your teeth a long time ago. But getting orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids and teens. Everyone can benefit from getting a new smile. Why not give yourself a smile you’ll always be proud to show off to the rest of the world?

Beyond the benefit of getting straighter teeth and an improved smile, getting orthodontic treatment boosts your oral health in the long run as well. When your teeth are straight, you won’t have to worry as much about food getting stuck while you eat and you’ll have a much easier time actually getting your teeth completely clean. This will lead to fewer fillings and less tooth sensitivity as you keep tooth decay at bay.

Your teeth will even get a bit stronger after having orthodontic treatment. Plus, people who straighten their teeth often find that they can eat and speak easier and experience less jaw pain and fewer headaches.

Types of Braces for Adults

So, what are your options as a parent for getting straight teeth? Getting traditional braces is always a great way to go. While you may be apprehensive at this idea, keep in mind that braces these days aren’t the bulky, scratchy mess they were years ago. Modern braces are designed to be less visible and more comfortable.

You also don’t have to stick with silver braces either. Braces come in a variety of colors that will help you have a bit more fun with your orthodontic treatment. Want your teeth to have a classy shine? Simply choose brilliant gold braces! Or, you can go for a more subtle yet fun color to show off, such as platinum or champagne braces.

Clear Aligners for Moms

Many parents, and adults in general, prefer the convenience and subtlety of Candid clear aligners. This clever and innovative orthodontic treatment option uses plastic aligners that wrap around your teeth and snap easily into place. With the ability to remove the aligners for meals, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of food restrictions. Even though modern braces are smoother than they used to be, Candid will leave your mouth feeling like there’s practically nothing there.

While you can use Candid as an effective treatment if you’ve never straightened your teeth before, you can also choose shortened versions to fix areas of regression if you lost your retainer or stopped wearing it. 3-Month Candid is a great option for fast orthodontic correction.

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