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Clear aligners and braces in Phoenix AZ

If your dentist suggested clear aligners, you may be wondering “Don’t clear aligners cost more than braces?” Or “Is Invisalign my only option?” Thankfully, the answer to both of those is no. At The Smile Store, Candid clear aligners are cheaper than braces in Phoenix.

$3995 for clear aligners and retainers
(+ free teeth whitening!)

Clear aligners in Phoenix at half the price of braces

For only $3995, clear aligners, also called clear braces, include:

  • two in-person appointments
  • unlimited at-home appointments
  • multiple sets of clear aligners
  • retainers for post-treatment
  • free Philips teeth whitening, valued at $349

This is the lowest rate you’ll find for clear aligners or braces in Phoenix.

Best clear aligners in Phoenix
Orthodontist visit for braces or clear aligners

Professional and convenient orthodontics in Phoenix

The Smile Store uses clear aligners that require only two in-person appointments. We take 3D imaging at the first appointment and create a treatment plan. Your clear aligners will be mailed to you, and your treatment will be monitored virtually by one of our board-certified orthodontists. Unlike with braces, there are no food restrictions since the aligners are removable, and brushing and flossing are much easier.

When you are done wearing all of the aligners, you will come to our orthodontic office for one last visit to be fitted for your retainers.

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