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Clear aligners and braces in Orlando FL

Clear aligners and metal braces in Orlando from The Smile Store are very popular, and for good reason. Not only are they effective at creating amazing new smiles, they are also much less than the price of braces at other orthodontists in Orlando.

$3995 for clear aligners and retainers
(+ free teeth whitening!)

Candid Clear Aligners in Orlando

You may think clear aligners cost more than braces because of the obvious advantages, but that’s not true at The Smile Store. Candid aligner treatment is half the price of braces from other orthodontists in Orlando.

Our flat rate of $3995 includes teeth whitening, retainers, in-person and virtual appointments with an orthodontist, and of course the aligners needed for your treatment.

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Orthodontist visit for braces or clear aligners

Orlando clear aligners, only two appointments needed

On your first of only two in-person appointments, we’ll take x-rays and 3D scans of your teeth, face, and gums to determine the appropriate treatment plan. From there, you will be given a tool used to scan your teeth so a board-certified orthodontist can monitor your progress from home. Your trays will be mailed to your house and treatment will begin.

Each set of aligners will be shaped slightly different. Be sure to wear your aligners around 22 hours each day for a week, and they will gradually shift your teeth to the right positions. Then move to the next set. Once your treatment is complete, you will need to wear retainers to keep your teeth from shifting back, just like you would with braces.

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