Ceramic Braces or Clear Braces

Looking for braces that are just as effective as traditional metal braces, but are less noticeable? Clear ceramic braces might be the choice for you.

Ceramic braces and clear braces in Palm Beach FL

Boost Your Confidence with Ceramic Braces

If your dentist or orthodontist has recently said you need braces, you might be worried about the effect braces will have on your appearance. You're definitely not alone in this concern, and we at The Smile Store want to ease your mind when it comes to your upcoming orthodontic treatment.

We offer plenty of options to choose from when it comes to fixing orthodontic issues, so you're able to pick the one that makes you feel your best.

If one of your concerns is the visibility of traditional metal braces, we offer a less noticeable option: ceramic braces, also known as clear braces.

What Makes Ceramic Braces Different?

First and foremost, the brackets in ceramic braces are clear. This allows them to improve your smile more discreetly than traditional braces might.

However, the aesthetic of ceramic braces does not affect its efficiency in correcting orthodontic issues. In fact, anything metal braces can fix, ceramic braces can fix just as well.

You will care for your ceramic braces just the same as traditional metal braces. What does this mean? After every meal, you should be brushing your teeth to keep your brackets clean—and don't forget to floss daily!

To avoid staining your clear brackets, your orthodontist might recommend staying away from certain darker-colored foods and drinks.

Considering Ceramic Braces?

Let our experienced orthodontists help you decide whether ceramic braces are the right choice for you. During your free initial examination, we'll check things such as your teeth alignment and bite position. While we're at it, we'll also compare the cost of ceramic braces to other treatment options.

We'll take every step to ensure we're treating and addressing any and all of your orthodontic and cosmetic concerns, all while designing the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your unique needs.

We make taking the first step easy!

With 6 ways to get started, your new and improved smile is only a click or call away!

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