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Everybody deserves to have beautiful, healthy smiles, and improve confidence in themselves.  The Smile Store provides the best care to help straighten teeth, allowing for a healthier look, and changing lives for the better.

Candid Aligners Story

The inspiration behind Candid Aligners began when a group of friends started talking about their teeth. The common theme was that all of them wished their teeth were straighter but, like millions of people, they couldn’t afford to spend the money for traditional braces.

Candid was intrigued by the industry of clear teeth aligners and knew that we could make a significant impact with more affordable solutions. Candid was founded by Dr. C. Lynn Hurst (a top-notch orthodontist). Andy Warhol’s apartment was their first office. We then moved to a larger facility to accommodate the demand for affordable clear braces. Candid no longer have meetings on bunk beds after tens of thousands of patients and over 300 employees. However, the spirit of our work has not changed from those early days and will continue to do so.

Candid Aligners Standard of Care

Our priority is your smile, and our approach is very traditional.  The Candid diagnostic process was developed by top Orthodontists and sets an extremely high standard for orthodontic treatment. 

Our doctor will provide the best treatment plan for you, even if it means recommending alternative treatment.  The Smile Store will confidently deliver a great result for a beautiful smile.

The Smile Store promise to you

We believe that treatment results can only be as good and as effective as the training and experience provided by the select orthodontist who are authorized dealers of Candid Aligners. Candid only works with highly qualified orthodontists and not “dental professionals” or general dentists. The Smile Store is proud to work closely with the Candid team.

We believe you should feel empowered and supported before, during, and even after treatment. We’ll ensure you have all information necessary to understand your treatment and will be available to answer any questions.

We believe you have the right to make a difference in your life. We’ll do our best to help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions about Candid Aligners call The Smile Store today at 561-658-4100

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