Silver Braces

Did you know traditional silver braces are still the go-to orthodontic treatment for teens and adults alike?

Silver braces in Palm Beach FL

How Do Silver Braces Work?

While there is no shortage of options for orthodontic treatment these days, original silver braces still remain the top choice for the majority of tweens, teens, and even adults. Why? These metal braces, made with stainless steel, are cost-effective. They can also withstand the extreme pressure of correcting even the toughest of orthodontic issues, and they will never rust.

Each silver bracket is attached to a tooth using a safe orthodontic adhesive. This adhesive will not cause any damage to the teeth during treatment, or even when the braces are removed. After all of the brackets are attached, archwires are attached to each bracket using a ligature, or a small elastic band. It is the tension from the archwires that works to gradually move the teeth into their proper positions.

Sometimes, small rubber bands might be strung between the top and bottom jaws in order to correct any bite issues.

Personalize Your Braces

Even though silver braces are the most common option for braces, there's still a variety of ways for you to personalize them and express yourself. Choose from a wide selection of different colored elastic ties that can be added to change up your look and brighten up your smile.

The Smile Store also offers options like WildSmiles® and Mascot Braces®, which feature fun-shaped brackets to show your creative side.

Traditional silver braces can be a great option for you. Not only are they the best method of fixing severe orthodontic issues, they're also highly customizable and provide the most cost-effective treatment.

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