Do kids get bullied for having braces

Searching for “braces near me?” Here’s your answer!

If you live in or around Palm Beach Gardens Florida, come to The Smile Store for metal braces or invisible clear braces. Our braces for adults, kids, and teens are designed to create healthier, straighter smiles as quickly as possible.

Complete braces treatment for only $3995!

Braces for teeth can cost as much as $7000 at other orthodontic offices, but at The Smile Store, braces cost just $3995.

This very low price includes:

  • Free initial consultation with x-rays, 3D imaging, and a thorough exam by an orthodontist
  • All follow-up appointments and medical records
  • Your choice of braces
  • Retainers to wear when treatment is complete

You can also use insurance to pay for braces, and we offer affordable payment plans.

Braces options and colors for women

Types of Braces

We have several types of braces for kids and adults. Clear braces are a great choice for adults who want something less visible, and kids can express their style with fun-shaped brackets and braces rubber band colors.

Choose from one of the following for you or your child:

Silver Braces

Gold Braces

Platinum Braces

Champagne Braces

WildSmiles Braces

Ceramic Clear Braces

Cheapest braces near me

While we offer the most affordable braces in Palm Beach, you can rest assured you or your child are receiving top-notch treatment from a board-certified orthodontist and a caring, experienced team.

Find out how we make our treatment even more affordable here!

Financing options for braces and aligners