Braces for children

Braces for Children

Why Braces Are the Right Choice for Children

Did you know the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be seen by an Orthodontist at age 7?  We believe that early treatment is beneficial when needed, and at this age, they have enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist to do an evaluation.  Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find out that treatment can be started at an early age if required, or future evaluation while the face and jaws continue to grow. A beautiful smile together with straight teeth, function well, and have a tremendous effect on children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and long-term dental health.  If you have any questions about braces for children, call The Smile Store in Palm Beach Gardens today. 561-658-4100

Teeth Grinding at Night

Teeth grinding at night can be problematic for a child’s teeth, as it can contribute to further misalignment and damage. If this habit persists without being treated, it could aggravate the joints in the jaw, wear down tooth enamel, cause TMJ, or cause headaches.

Thumb Sucking

While not all children have a habit of sucking their thumb, this habit persists well past toddler age for some. If your child is getting older and the habit continues, it could cause protruding teeth, an open bite, or crossbite.  Orthodontic treatment can correct this habit, and lower the risk of trauma to protruded teeth.

Jaw Clicking

Jaw Clicking – Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

If your child’s jaw is clicking or popping (can be heard when they yawn), have faced pain, problems chewing, or biting, an orthodontist should be consulted.  This is where the lower jaw is connected to the skull. 

What to Expect From an Orthodontist Appointment

If you have made the decision to schedule your child’s initial orthodontic exam, an evaluation and imaging will be done to determine if your child is ready based on the growth of their jaw, their age, and availability for teeth that still need to grow in.  The age of the patient and condition will determine the best time to start treatment.  Once treatment has started, future appointments will be scheduled.  It is important to keep up with your appointments to make sure treatment is continuing well and to ensure that your child’s result ends in a beautiful and healthy smile.

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If you have any questions about braces for children, call The Smile Store in Palm Beach Gardens today. 561-658-4100

Braces for Children

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