Mary Hall

Byte vs Smiledirectclub aligners and braces

Byte vs SmileDirectClub

“Mail-order aligners” or “braces by mail” are becoming an increasingly in-demand product for consumers to correct their smiles in a more do-it-yourself fashion. The in-office alternative allows orthodontic patients to skip out on in-office visits and do their entire treatment in a remote fashion. In a world where instant gratification is almost essential and convenience often trumps tradition, it’s not…

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Compare regular aligners with invisalign

Regular Aligners vs Invisalign

Some smile problems have a clear answer, but there are so many different solutions you can easily become overwhelmed. You know you want to straighten your teeth and have a picture-perfect smile, however it isn’t always easy to pick the right treatment option. Potential orthodontic patients should do their own research to gather as much information as possible, then visit…

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