Five ways to pay for the cost of Invisalign

5 Ways to Pay for Invisalign

When you want to get a beautiful, straight smile, starting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is a fantastic option. This invisible orthodontic treatment can get you a straight smile with clear, removable aligners, resulting in a convenient experience and a clean-looking smile for the duration of treatment. While the perception of this treatment is often that it is a luxury, there are plenty of ways every family can afford Invisalign.

Payment Plans

When you choose to start Invisalign through The Smile Store, you will be able to choose a payment plan that works for your budget. Down payments start as low as $250 and you can make affordable monthly payments. Many families will pay as little as $145 per month for Invisalign Complete or Invisalign Teen. And if you qualify for Invisalign Lite or Invisalign Express, your payments may be even lower.


We also accept most dental insurance plans, including service member and veteran insurance plans, which can cover a significant portion of your treatment costs. Just give us your insurance information during your initial visit and we will sort out how much of your treatment is covered by your plan.


Many people are unaware of the benefits of choosing either an FSA or an HSA to pay for medical expenses. This is because they aren’t quite as common as using a standard health insurance plan. While they are similar, they have some key differences and unique benefits. HSA stands for “health savings account,” and you can qualify for one by having a high-deductible health insurance plan.

When you deposit money into an HSA, it is pre-tax, and it can grow in the account untaxed. When you use the money for medical expenses, the money still isn’t taxed and you can roll over any unused funds to the next year. You can even invest any unused HSA funds into a retirement plan.

An FSA is a flexible savings account and is offered by employers as part of a health benefits package. Unlike an HSA, you don’t have to have a high-deductible insurance plan to qualify. While the money that goes into the plan is also untaxed, you can’t roll it over to the next calendar year if it goes unused. This is unless your employer allows rollovers, but it will still be limited to $500.

Both options are great ways to avoid some taxes while giving yourself flexible spending money for Invisalign.

Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, Venmo PayPal

At the Smile Store, we’re proud to offer several electronic ways to pay for your Invisalign treatment. These payment options can be used in our office or online, whichever is most convenient for you.

10% Upfront Discount

Finally, if you are able to pay for Invisalign upfront without financing, you will get 10% taken off the final cost, saving you some precious dollars in the long run.

If you have any questions or concerns about starting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, contact The  Smile Store today!